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Ok, it’s apparent that I’m no fan of the Left Behind series. Years ago I read the first book and several of the first books of the Left Behind kids series (I was a teenager then). I didn’t really like the books very much. In my honest opinion, they were not well-written. I have several criticisms of it:

1. Low level vocabulary – There aren’t a lot of higher level words in here. I think your average middle schooler could read this stuff. This is good for people of that age, but not for adults like me. Readers need stimulation from creative use of vocabulary. It’s part of what makes the English language so wonderful: there’s so many possibilities with words.

2. Cliche phrases – Good night, there are so many of these. For anyone who wishes to be a writer, avoid these things like the plague in your writing. They’re ok if said by characters every once in a while. However, if they are constantly brought up, it makes the work look bad.

3. It’s just plain corny – I constantly got the feeling while reading this stuff that it’s, well, corny. The characters are not very deep and I got the feeling that the culture they were in was very surfacy American culture. In order to avoid corniness, read read read! Read all kinds of different books. It really does make writing better as influence from other writings impress the writer. 

So, there you have it. My thanks to Dee Dee Warren for making this podcast on her website (yes, some of my criticisms are the same as hers). Her thoughts on this are quite accurate, in my opinion.


I have to say, I’ve seen a lot of nonsense in my 23 years of life. This movie is just an addition to the list of it.

This “documentary” is nothing more than a list of baseless assertions with no citations of authoritative sources like scholars of ancient history (and yes, I have checked Zeitgeist’s list of sources that they provide on their website). What’s funny is that even the other two people who speak in the film while the screen is black aren’t even identified during the film! How ridiculous can a person get?

Nice try, but I think my professors in the history department at the secular school I attend would have a great laugh over this film.

Hopefully I’ll try to get this blog started again with the new year. Here’s some thoughts:

So there’s this atheist propaganda movie called “Zeitgeist” (by the way, when will people EVER let Nietzche die?) that seems to be catching on more and more as it’s promoted. They’re having a “Z-Day” on March 15th where this film will be sent to different college campuses and etc. I’m hoping they come around to my own college so that I and some good friends can use it for a witness to the truth of the gospel. This is particularly important as more and more people (on the internet at least, I’m not too sure about real life) seem to be buying into this “Christ-myth” nonsense. It’d be a good time to challenge the folks who promote this thing. I plan on giving further comment about the movie later.

Football! Yeah! Congrats to the LSU Tigers for the BCS win. This year I was actually OK with Ohio State losing. I may not like LSU for the most part, but I’m ok with that particular SEC team winning the championship.

School starts back as well. I got some good classes on Chinese history as well as the language. It should be interesting this semester.  Spring is always a good time, in my opinion. If anything, there’s more light to go around.

Have fun, everyone.

Oy, this ninja has had to fight off so many multiple enemies that it’s not even funny! There are several different enemies in particular.

One is called Studying. Studying is a very open enemy. No element of surprise in this guy, he challenges and fights out in the open. However, he’s a very consistent fighter who just keeps coming back for more on a daily basis to fight me for long periods of time. It’s like I can’t whoop Studying hard enough for him to go crying home to his mama. If he does, his mama just gives him a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies and he’s after me the next day.

Another is called Test. This guy is an open challenger, but doesn’t fight me on a daily basis like Studying. However, Test likes to tag-team quite often with Studying to try and bring me down. He’s a bigger dude and requires more concentration, but generally puts up a very short fight before I 1.) beat him well, 2.) beat him, but take a few blows, or 3.) tie with him. T-Shirt Ninja so far has only been beaten a few times by Test, but only enough to count on one hand. Test would need to add about 14 extra arms to count how many times he’s been beaten by T-Shirt Ninja. =)

And then I have this other vicious enemy named Research Paper. He is especially mean and difficult; in fact, one of T-Shirt Ninjas top villains. This guy can open challenge or go guerrilla on me. He’s especially bad when he goes guerrilla. This dude is usually a heavy weight 300 pounds or more, not to mention he’s got plenty of stamina to fight me for weeks on end. He only comes a few times a year, but when he does, you can bet that he’ll try to be the new sheriff in town. When I fight with him, it literally takes several hours for me to get somewhat of a break-through. Whichever one of us becomes exhausted first is usually the loser. Thankfully, he’s a fat kid who, even though he has stepped on my toe several times, usually becomes exhausted first.

The worst, and I mean the worst, enemy ever is Procrastination. This is definitely the big boss of all the henchman. He is a behind-the-scenes kind of guy. Procrastination is like Xavier in X-Men, except he’s a bad guy. He works mainly by mind influences. I’ll think, “I really need to go and tackle Studying like a football player right now,” and then Procrastination will try to influence me not to. He’s also excellent with technology. This means he can distract me with a device called “Computer” or another one called “TV.” It’s usually the Computer device that gets me the most. We’re still in an epic battle. I’ve taken a few knocks and hits by this guy, but somehow I always pass through University Land. Not much longer now before I have him whipped!

And that’s why, few and far between readers of this blog, I haven’t been posting much.

Take a look at this…

And then this…

and finally, this…

Has a whole lot really changed in our human history?

I need this to help me, not necessarily you. ;)

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