I’ve been thinking lately about what might happen if the internet was cut off all around the world for just a day. I think that economies world wide would take a serious hit from such a thing. Not to mentioned that important communications between countries depends highly on this incredible thing that has been created within the past 20 or so years. It would be like cutting many lights off in a place where multiple enemies are present.

This thought also got me thinking about what it would be like for an individual to simply go without the internet for the rest of their life if they live here in America or some other 1st world country. Can it even be done? I have email that I must check and friends and events that I keep up with on facebook. What if all of that were to simply vanish from my life? I also have an account at the college I attend that I access almost entirely by internet. Even certain jobs can only be applied for online rather than by mail or in person.

I guess a positive side to losing the internet would be that I would have more constructive things to do. I tend to read books when I’m not watching television or on the internet. I also tend to get outside more often. I find it amazing that everywhere I go this thing is somewhere around. I’m usually only several feet or several yards away from someone that either has a laptop, blackberry, iPhone, or any other kind of device that accesses the internet. The more I see these things the more I honestly wonder what people would do if they lost them.

I think people honestly should take time off from the internet and figure out something to do. I’m not saying the internet isn’t constructive or useful. What I am saying is that more and more people are becoming dependent on it for their lives to function. I don’t think this dependency will turn out to be a good thing in the end.