I usually do not go to the movies because I find that many of them are not really worth seeing. However, this summer I changed that and saw a lot more than usual. Normally I will see about 2 or 3 movies a year. Yes, that’s right, a YEAR. 

Here’s my rankings/thoughts on the movies I saw this summer:

1. The Dark Knight – A+

This movie truly was incredible. It is the best Batman and the best superhero movie I have ever seen. 

2. Iron Man – A+

I kept hearing from people that this movie was awesome. So, being curious, I found out for myself that it definitely was what they said. 

3. The Incredible Hulk – A

Not as good as Iron Man, but I really enjoyed the fact that they made the character of Bruce Banner more, well, human this time around. His character was much better than the movie “The Hulk” several years prior. The action was really intense as well.

4. The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian – A-

As a fan of C.S. Lewis and his books, I was quite disappointed when they took more liberty with the text this time. The action and drama were well played out. I thought the character of Miraz was played very well. 

5. Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – B

What can I say? I’m always up for an Indiana Jones flick. When I went I got what I was expecting: ridiculous fight scenes (I love that about IJ movies), witty humor (the fight in the restaurant was great!), and the character of Indie himself. My biggest complaint about the movie is the fact that it included aliens. Indiana Jones is supposed to be adventure, not sci-fi.

6. Kung Fu Panda – C+

I was rather disappointed that this movie wasn’t as humorous as I thought it would be. It’s fairly entertaining, but that’s about it.

7. Wall E – C

Pixar delivered really well on graphics in this movie. However, they did not deliver well on dialogue or storyline. Barely anything is said in the first 45 minutes of the movie besides “Eve” and “Wall E”. That is the main reason I give it a C.

8. Hancock – B

This movie had a really fascinating concept that I liked: an invincible superhero who is a hobo and can’t remember anything past the 1920’s in the beginning. I thought Hancock’s character was done very well. There is some really corny stuff in the movie, though. 

9. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emporer – C-

Yep, I saw this movie. Yep, it was as dumb as I thought it was going to be. In my honest opinion, there is a lost art of going to see dumb movies just to fully enjoy how ridiculous they really are. Although I give it a C- because of its quality, I actually enjoyed the movie and laughed at how dumb it was.