So classes are quite interesting–and hard–this semester. What I like is that I have “opinionated” classes. The Professor in my History of Eastern Thought class said on the first day that he expects us as students to have an opinion and not be afraid to express it. My immediate thought was, “Hey, I like this guy.” And so I do. He’s a good professor. My other class has me reading “Literary Theory” by Terry Eagleton. What’s opinionated about this is that it’s written by a man who is a Marxist. Even from the first chapter he immediately goes into the relationship between English literature and social classes. The teacher for this class said to read him with a grain of salt. For me, I think I have to read him with an entire salt shaker. He touches on some good things. However, at other points he takes rabbit trails to go on Marxist rants that only somewhat relate to what the topic is about. This is only the first chapter, I’ll have to see what he does for the rest later. What I do like about reading this is that I get to think more about what I’m reading since Eagleton’s world-view is almost polar opposite of mine. There are times when I’m reading the book where I think things like, “Dude, you’re wrong, just stick to the subject already,” “…and Marxism isn’t?” “Good grief, you need to lighten up,” “Ok, that makes sense.” Discernment is fun. All of us could use some exercise in it these days.