Hopefully I’ll try to get this blog started again with the new year. Here’s some thoughts:

So there’s this atheist propaganda movie called “Zeitgeist” (by the way, when will people EVER let Nietzche die?) that seems to be catching on more and more as it’s promoted. They’re having a “Z-Day” on March 15th where this film will be sent to different college campuses and etc. I’m hoping they come around to my own college so that I and some good friends can use it for a witness to the truth of the gospel. This is particularly important as more and more people (on the internet at least, I’m not too sure about real life) seem to be buying into this “Christ-myth” nonsense. It’d be a good time to challenge the folks who promote this thing. I plan on giving further comment about the movie later.

Football! Yeah! Congrats to the LSU Tigers for the BCS win. This year I was actually OK with Ohio State losing. I may not like LSU for the most part, but I’m ok with that particular SEC team winning the championship.

School starts back as well. I got some good classes on Chinese history as well as the language. It should be interesting this semester.  Spring is always a good time, in my opinion. If anything, there’s more light to go around.

Have fun, everyone.