Oy, this ninja has had to fight off so many multiple enemies that it’s not even funny! There are several different enemies in particular.

One is called Studying. Studying is a very open enemy. No element of surprise in this guy, he challenges and fights out in the open. However, he’s a very consistent fighter who just keeps coming back for more on a daily basis to fight me for long periods of time. It’s like I can’t whoop Studying hard enough for him to go crying home to his mama. If he does, his mama just gives him a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies and he’s after me the next day.

Another is called Test. This guy is an open challenger, but doesn’t fight me on a daily basis like Studying. However, Test likes to tag-team quite often with Studying to try and bring me down. He’s a bigger dude and requires more concentration, but generally puts up a very short fight before I 1.) beat him well, 2.) beat him, but take a few blows, or 3.) tie with him. T-Shirt Ninja so far has only been beaten a few times by Test, but only enough to count on one hand. Test would need to add about 14 extra arms to count how many times he’s been beaten by T-Shirt Ninja. =)

And then I have this other vicious enemy named Research Paper. He is especially mean and difficult; in fact, one of T-Shirt Ninjas top villains. This guy can open challenge or go guerrilla on me. He’s especially bad when he goes guerrilla. This dude is usually a heavy weight 300 pounds or more, not to mention he’s got plenty of stamina to fight me for weeks on end. He only comes a few times a year, but when he does, you can bet that he’ll try to be the new sheriff in town. When I fight with him, it literally takes several hours for me to get somewhat of a break-through. Whichever one of us becomes exhausted first is usually the loser. Thankfully, he’s a fat kid who, even though he has stepped on my toe several times, usually becomes exhausted first.

The worst, and I mean the worst, enemy ever is Procrastination. This is definitely the big boss of all the henchman. He is a behind-the-scenes kind of guy. Procrastination is like Xavier in X-Men, except he’s a bad guy. He works mainly by mind influences. I’ll think, “I really need to go and tackle Studying like a football player right now,” and then Procrastination will try to influence me not to. He’s also excellent with technology. This means he can distract me with a device called “Computer” or another one called “TV.” It’s usually the Computer device that gets me the most. We’re still in an epic battle. I’ve taken a few knocks and hits by this guy, but somehow I always pass through University Land. Not much longer now before I have him whipped!

And that’s why, few and far between readers of this blog, I haven’t been posting much.