I’m trying to get back into good health, or shape as you will.

One of the biggest reasons is that I’m tired of going to school tired all of the time. Exercise is known to give energy–which I can say after lifting some iron yesterday that it certainly does. It also gives off these wonderful little brain chemical called “endorphins.” They make you feel reeeaaaalllllyyyy good and apparantly aren’t marketable in drug form like imitation forms (the stuff that basically turns your brain into goo) of dopamine are. If they were, people would be addicted to them worse than crack.

I know why a lot of people work out. They do it for results. The results I would like to have is to actually sleep well, be able to study better, and of course, get strong! I’ve relearned that (stress)+(not exercising X not eating good food) = little and often interrupted sleep. Blah to that.