After going through my history book for this semester to find all of the religious references in it, what I came up with was rather barren. This book has nearly 700 large pages with plenty of text, but with only a few paragraphs in the entire book that actually discuss religion. The paragraphs are dispersed throughout the book and talk about some of the following: social gospel of the 1880’s, Jerry Falwell and the “radical religious right,” and percentage of Muslim-Christian populations in Serbia to name the majority of topics.

It’s extremely ridiculous that there are only a few references in a large American Civilization history book. What bothered me the most were the things that were left out that should have received attention. Billy Graham is not even mentioned in this book. The huge rift between fundamentalist and liberal churches and theologians in the 1930’s was left out as well. The explosive growth of the Pentecostal movement wasn’t there either. The book did use the term “neo-orthodoxy” but did not explain what it exactly meant.

 After writing those two above paragraphs, I saved this post and talked with my History TA. She said that she also had issues with this book in that did not cover much on women’s issues and other things. I’m glad I’m not the only person who sees this problem.

 So, is there a re-writing of history going on in our textbooks? In some circumstances there certainly are. I don’t know if so much important stuff was intentionally left out in this book or not. I hope not. It would truly be a sad state of affairs if these things were left out intentionally (especially in a college class).